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Mergers & Acquisitions

Follow Mergers and Acquisitions with comprehensive transaction data for SEC registrants

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The Audit Analytics Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) database tracks material transactions as reported in Item 1.01, as well as other transactions identified by select hit text.

  • Track M&A market share for SEC registrants with insight into which auditors are engaged at the time of the transaction and what auditor represents the surviving company
  • Monitor changes in control of clients or business partners for conflict due diligence
  • Analyze transactions by party CIK, market cap, revenue, industry, auditor, transaction date, and value
  • Key data points include commencement date, transaction type, and party type
  • Monitor relevant disclosures for ongoing transactions with daily updates (available only in the data feed)

SEC filers are required to disclose material transactions and often report immaterial significant transactions.

Module Corporate + Legal
Source Item 1.01 of Form 8-K and hit text in Forms 6-K, 425, DEFM14A, or S-4
Coverage ’33 & ’34 Act Filers
Data Since 2010
Updated Daily
Availability Online • Data Feed • Excel • WRDS
Corporate + Legal
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Email Alerts
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