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Serving more than 450 institutions and thousands of professionals globally, Audit Analytics provides corporate gatekeepers and stakeholders with unique data and insights. Through our online platform and enterprise data feeds, Audit Analytics is used every day to empower accounting, financial, and academic professionals with the informative content critical to impact their work. As a trusted source for research, our data is collected, organized, and analyzed with rigor by our expert team of researchers.


Audit Analytics was created in the wake of the accounting scandals of the early 2000s. Coming from an accomplished career in audit, and then forensic accounting and litigation consulting, our founder, Mark Cheffers, saw the need for an independent research provider that could be an impartial provider of audit and accounting related information, with the aim of supporting confidence in the industry and the highest professional standards.

For over fifteen years we have become a trusted source for many of the world’s leading professional organizations, regulators, and research institutions. Our data has been cited in over a thousand scholarly articles, in government testimony, in regulatory proposals and policy reviews, and in innumerable reporting outlets.


Data, when classified and analyzed, increases transparency, enriches debate and makes better, more informed decisions possible.

Grounded in a commitment to the accounting profession, our mission is to provide essential and relevant information to corporate gatekeepers and stakeholders.

We are trusted to organize and simplify the complex; to clarify trends; and to empower our customers.


We Delight Our Clients.

As an entrepreneurial research and data provider, we are customer-focused and build to suit our subscribers’ needs.

We Live Data.

Our products are used to minimize risk, make informed decisions, perform efficient analysis, and uncover actionable insights. We make hard to get data easy.

We Empower Our Greatest Asset.

Our greatest asset is our team. We create a work environment in which people are empowered, productive, contributing, and happy.