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Find your idea, support your thesis, get published


Find your idea, support your thesis, get published


Professor and Graduate Research

  • Explore our data and find your idea
  • Support your thesis, article, citation, or dissertation with 40+ databases
  • Perform trend analysis on up to 20 years of historical data
  • Eliminate data collection
  • Go global with access to U.S., Canadian, and European disclosure data sets
  • Make your contribution to accounting thought leadership
  • Used by 300+ universities worldwide and cited in nearly 1,000 scholarly papers

"Audit Analytics has been an outstanding resource for us. Everyone has benefited, both faculty and students."
- Dr. Thomas Calderon University of Akron

For The Classroom

  • Leverage 40+ data sets to study audit, regulatory, and financial reporting trends
  • Assign expert-level research projects
  • Follow current events and provide real world examples
  • Support in-class instruction with interactive auditor and company profiles
  • Incorporate our unique case studies or create your own

"Audit Analytics has no peers. There's just no other data provider out there that can compare. I couldn't speak more highly of them."
- Dr. Scott Whisenant University of Kansas


  • Attract top level faculty and students
  • Equip your accounting department with the best data resources
  • Gain prestige
  • Create thought leaders

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