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Better evaluate your auditor, company, and audit committee

Corporate Reporting & Audit Committees

Better evaluate your auditor, company, and audit committee

Corporate Reporting & Audit Committees  

Auditor Evaluation

Oversee Auditor engagements and activity

  • Auditor market share, tenure, and ratification for your peer group
  • See all audits your lead engagement partner is involved in
  • Monitor auditor activity with access to auditor profiles, federal litigation, and PCAOB reports
  • Benchmark audit, audit-related, tax, and other fees against peers to negotiate fee proposals

Insights for the Audit Committee is a custom report we create for audit committees. This report is crucial to effectively benchmark against peers and perform independent auditor research.

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Company Evaluation

Are you an outlier? Benchmark your disclosures against your peers

  • Accounting policies and revenue recognition adoption methods
  • Common SOX 404 or 302 weaknesses and deficiencies
  • Financial restatements and impacts on net income
  • Changes in accounting estimates
  • Adjustments to correct immaterial errors in prior periods
  • Impairments and impact on income
  • Critical Audit Matters

Support periodic filing reviews and enhance your audit committee presentations. Our data and peer-driven analysis highlight the audit and accounting issues that matter most.

Audit Committee Evaluation

Assess effectiveness and independence

  • See how your Audit Committee Report stacks up against peers (in partnership with CAQ)
  • Find the best in class Audit Committee Reports and improve your disclosures
  • Be a leader in Audit Committee transparency
  • See Audit Committee composition and board composition of your peers
  • Assess independence with board interlocks

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Comment Letter Research

  • Avoid comment letters by knowing what the SEC is paying attention to
  • Know most frequently cited issues in your industry and among peers
  • See year-over-year trends
  • Filter comment letters by individual SEC staff member
  • Find relevant responses to similar SEC inquiries and improve your response
  • Search by keyword, company, location, industry, market cap, issue, or citation

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