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Canadian Key Audit Matters Database

A structured database to help you research, benchmark, and analyze the new standard.

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Be a step ahead of the competition by thoroughly understanding Canadian KAMs and their impact on your industry with Audit Analytics.
Following the rollout and implementation of Key Audit Matters around the world and Critical Audit Matters in the US, Canada now requires auditors to use their professional judgment to identify the most significant matters in the audit. Audit Analytics helps clarify KAMs, making it easy to:

  • Identify KAMs per company
  • Analyze the big-picture trends by specific KAM topics
  • Discover the impact of KAMs on the market
  • Quickly understand KAMs by industry to identify best practices
  • Benchmark KAM disclosures by number, type, length, and word choice across industries and peers

The Audit Analytics Canadian Key Audit Matters database features Key Audit Matters disclosed by independent auditors of every Canadian issuer. We track the title, description, conclusion, and normalized topics so you can focus on interpretation and analysis.

As the market leader, this is just one of our 50+ databases available. Canadian Key Audit Matters and all other databases have been standardized and cleaned through significant manual review for accuracy and consistency. This guarantees the highest quality and most extensive data in the industry.

Availability Online • Data Feed • Excel
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