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Europe Accounting Quality Risk Matrix Database

A powerful tool to screen for audit and financial reporting risks

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The Europe Audit Analytics Accounting Quality Risk Matrix database provides timely access to reportable events from EEA, Swiss, and UK equity listed companies. The database covers red flags from 2010 to present. Red flag categories include metrics and events related to auditors and financial reporting.

  • Identify indicators of potential earnings management and other accounting quality issues
  • Gain insight into potential governance risks
  • Drill down to assess detailed data surrounding the potential issues
  • Monitor portfolio for reportable events
  • Perform risk analysis and isolate areas to improve a portfolio’s performance using difficult to find and specialized information

The EU Accounting Quality & Risk Matrix data set was designed to support risk management by highlighting red flag events relating to accounting quality and governance. Our proprietary analysis highlights Notable, Significant, and Critical events and anomalies to assist with due diligence, risk management, and portfolio screening.

In one easy search, determine if a company had an unusual change in audit fees, received a going-concern, filed a financial restatement, and many other events that may warrant further investigation. Audit Analytics is the only provider to profile this unique set of risks, with new indicators and metrics continually being added and updated.

Availability Online • Data Feed • Excel
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Email Alerts
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