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Audit Fees Database

Know how much every U.S. public company has paid their external auditor in audit, non-audit, and total fees

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The Audit Analytics SEC Audit Fees database contains fee disclosures made by SEC registrants since 2000.

  • Compare audit, audit related, tax, and other fees by auditor or company
  • Benchmark your audit fees to a peer group by revenue, assets, market cap, and location
  • Track significant changes in audit fees for your portfolio of companies
  • Monitor non-audit fee spend to identify potential independence concerns
  • Used by leading accounting firms, regulators, consultants, and hundreds of scholars for academic research

The audit market for public companies is one of the few industries which has almost complete transparency regarding market share and professional fees. Every U.S. public company is required to disclose the fees paid to their independent auditor for the audit of their financial statements, as well as audit related, tax, and "other" fees.

Rule14(a)-101 of the Securities Exchange Act

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