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Fund Audit Fees

The trusted source for audit fee information in the United States and beyond

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Audit Analytics makes it easier than ever to understand the market for audit services among funds in the United States. Our Fund Audit Fees database provides detailed information on the fees for audit and non-audit services paid by funds. This information can be used for market analysis, benchmarking, and business development, and can be monitored for trends over time.

  • Compare audit, audit related, tax, and other fees by auditor or fund
  • Benchmark audit fees by auditor, fund type, total investments, and location
  • Track significant changes in audit fees
  • Monitor non-audit fees to identify potential independence concerns

The Audit Analytics Fund Audit Fees database tracks audit fee disclosures of ‘40 Act filer funds, at the fund level. It is a structured database that has been cleaned by significant manual review, ensuring consistency and accuracy to a very high standard.

Each record contains information on the fund, including series number, class tickers and names, fund type, the auditor and its affiliate, and audit, audit related, tax & other fees.

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Fund Audit Fees
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