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Audit Firm Events Database

Data is power. Stay informed of any changes to your competition.

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Market intelligence is paramount for success in any industry, but monitoring the competition is extremely time consuming. Even in our data driven world, it can be difficult to find the exact information we need. Our Audit Firm Events database compiles and normalizes audit firm events, such as firm mergers and acquisitions, PCAOB ID changes, and splits, in one location. This comprehensive database helps our customers focus on analysis and remain ahead of the competition.

This database makes it easy to:

  • Track significant events among audit firms like mergers and acquisitions
  • Identify key points of change following a firm event
  • Monitor audit firm activity
  • Focus on market intelligence

Key data points include:
Auditor | Auditor Network | Affiliate(s) | Event Type | Event Date | PCAOB Registration Number

The Audit Analytics Firm Events database contains a compilation of reported occurrences among audit firms. Each record contains information on the auditor, the event, and other key details. The database is designed for audit firms, finance professionals, and academics alike to track the audit firm industry and glean the market intelligence they need.

As the market leader, this is just one of our 50+ databases available. Audit Firm Events and all other databases have been standardized and cleaned through significant manual review for accuracy and consistency. This guarantees the highest quality and most extensive data in the industry.

Module Accounting + Oversight
Source PCAOB filings, Firm Press Releases, and Press
Coverage Global
Data Since 2000
Updated Daily
Availability Online • Data Feed • Excel